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Other Benefits

A waterproof tropical spray lotion with great benefits

Pleasant subtle fragrance that acts as a comfortable shield.

Skin caring, cosmetic properties with moisturizing glycerin.

Protects you and your animals (dogs, cats and horse) from ticks, for up to four hours.

Textile and plastic compatible.

Easy to apply and not messy.

Produced by Lifeforce GmbH - Lifeforce are leaders in the development and production of high quality topical products in Switzerland.

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Active Ingredients

Icaridin 20g/100g
(CAS 119515-38-7)

The active ingredient Icaridin has no neurotoxic side effects like DEET and is very well tolerated. It is considered the repellent ingredient of first choice, considered safe and efficacious.

Excellent effect against the yellow fever or dengue mosquito (Aedes aegyptii) and the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), both of which can transmit the Zika

Icaridin (20% w/w) is also used by the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” as an effective defense against Tse-Tse flies that can transmit the so-called African sleeping sickness.

Icaridin is recommended by the WHO for malaria prophylaxis.

Application: shake well before spray and spray evenly on all uncovered parts of the body. Repeat every 8 hours.


Use repellents carefully. Always read the label & product information before use. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and open wounds.

Life changing. I used to be the first person that mosquitos targeted. Not anymore!

Helena Hui

So happy with this product! Smells amazing, easy to apply on the kids and now I can enjoy more of the outdoors, worry free.

Emma B.

Simply the best insect repellent I've ever used. I cannot recommend this enough.

Matthew K.